Several months ago I created a VPC image to test CRM compatibility with several of the pre-release versions of IE9 – needless to say I am glad I did not try it on my primary system as the experience was less than optimal.  There were many issues and I decided to have some patience and wait on the final release.

I put the idea of using IE9 away, until this evening when MS finally released the final bits of IE9 –I fired up my virtual PC image, visited and downloaded.  The install took about five minutes.  The first page I visited was my corporate CRM Online Instance. 

Needless to say, I was happy to say that everything worked correctly on CRM 2011 Online.  Records and Activities opened flawlessly. Reports and scripts ran as expected. No bug sightings whatsoever.

enCloud9 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consultants CRM 2011 Online and Internet Explorer 9 – first impressions enCloud9

So I declare CRM 2011 to be compatible with IE9.  I can’t wait for the day that Microsoft makes CRM compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.   A s soon as MS accomplishes that feat, I will never worry about going up against again.

Now if you are still using CRM 4, you can download Update Rollup 16. Published last week by Microsoft, one of the primary features is compatibility with CRM 4.0