Good morning and welcome to another week!  Mondays are hard aren’t they?  Time to get back into the swing of things.  I hope you had a great weekend and got to relax and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!  Welcome also to our cloud Roundup.  Enjoy the articles we have chosen for you!

Happy reading and have a wonderful Monday.

Office 365

Are you ever frustrated, as a user of an office 365 group,  that you can that you can’t share your communication resources with others outside your organization?  Well, now you can!  Microsoft is making a lot of really great updates and advancements to its office 365 suite….and here’s another one.  Read about it at Redmond.

Another announcement by Microsoft last week.  The new Fast Ring is now rolling out to anyone who wants to get in on the leading edge of testing the programs included in Office 365Enroll here.

Microsoft expands free headphones and Office 365 offer to Surface Book line.  This offer goes from Sept. 8-Sept. 21, so you have 2 weeks to take advantage of this great deal!  Go to MS Poweruser to learn more about this.

Dynamics CRM 

Dynamics CRM 2016 now has a new field type Customer. Customer is a lookup field to both accounts and contacts in the same field.  So now, no longer do you have to create two lookup fields for the same form. Read this article from the Microsoft Dynamics Blog, in which Chad Collett explains this.

Are you still sending e-mails to alert one of your team members that a project has been assigned to them?  Well, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this can be automatically done.  Read about this awesome feature that makes project management a breeze!

What do you do when a client wants to view an external page from within CRM? In this Microsoft Dynamics CRM tip, the different areas in Dynamics CRM that can actually add external pages are solidified.


Other Cool Stuff

Yesterday marked 15 years since 9-11.  Can you imagine how terrifying it was to be a child in New York at the time of this horrendous event?  The mass chaos in the schools and everywhere?  Read this article from Upworthy about a man who was 13 at the time of the incident.

Some people thing that moving to the cloud means less security- not so!  Moving to the cloud doesn’t put you at a higher risk of hacking.  You need to look at your on premise security.   The problem might come from within, not with the cloud.  Read this article about security from InfoWorld.

Who are your online competitors and what are they doing that you’re not doing?  Why does it feel like they always have the upper hand? Well, read this article from Hubspot and find out what you need to do to stop this vicious cycle.