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Dynamics 365

When Microsoft announced its plans for Dynamics 365 in the beginning, officials said that the coming service would use a common data model shared with Office 365, many people wondered what is this common data model?  To find out more about CDA, read this article from @zdnet.  This model aims to simplify data management and integration across apps and business processes.

Office 365

Read about key enhancements in Office 365 releasing this quarter brings Microsoft  closer to two goals: People with disabilities can communicate, consume and create content on any device and everyone can easily create content that is accessible for all people. The Office engineering team has made strides in the area of productivity and inclusion. Read this article from the

Where is my data?  These  interactive data maps will provide you with exact locale of where customer data is stored in Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft has been trying to stay competitive with their rivals.  Office 365 Analytics could help it stay a step ahead of everyone.  One of the reasons this suite of services is so powerful is that it provides real-time data on employees’ work habits.

Dynamics CRM

In this article and short video, you will be provided a brief overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s mobile capabilities. The new mobile offline capabilities enable users to access CRM data on their mobile device even when they are not connected to the Internet. The result is a smoother integration experience between offline and online CRM data.

Oftentimes, focusing on keeping costs down while improving customer service relationships can be a difficult task. In this article from @microsoftcommunityblog, you will learn about the 4 ways IoT (Internet of Things) is improving the field service industry.  Iot can drastically improve customer service.

Quick View forms are awesome, they are peekaboo utility for your records and can be used when summary information is required. There are some restrictions in place to make these forms fast and efficient.  Read this crm tip of the day about multi-line text on quick viewforms.

Other Cool Stuff

We just wrapped up the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and already people are thinking about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  Many iconic items come from Japan. What do you hope to see?

We’ve reached the point where there’s quite literally an app for just about everything you can imagine. Many are extremely useful, while others are quite useless.  Here’s a list of 8 beneficial apps.

Cloud Is Now Seen as a Way to Better Security. In this discussion about cybersecurity, you will see how security technology leads to business innovation.  Security transforms businesses , enabling businesses to do things and interact with their customers in ways they’ve never done before.  from @cloudexpo