Today ClickDimensions has released their October 2014 update. I have been counting down the days waiting for it.

There are several new features, but the real pearl is the add/remove to Marketing List workflow assembly.   You will have the ability to add or remove Leads and Contacts to and from a Marketing List using a custom workflow assembly.  This highly requested workflow will allow us to:

  • Automatically start Nurture programs without any manual work.
  • Add a Lead or Contact to a Marketing List off of a Form Capture.
  • Automatically remove a Lead or Contact from a Marketing List if they meet a specific criteria, such as, RSVP “No” to an event.
  • Add everyone who signs up for a webinar to a Marketing List (with the GotoWebinar or WebEx Integration)
  • Any other reason or criteria you will need to automatically add or remove a Lead or Contact to or from a Marketing List.

Some of the other exciting release features include:

Customizable URLs for web contentYou can now create your own URLs for your forms, surveys, subscriptions, and landing pages. This gives us a shortcut to be able to direct clients directly to the page you need and link it to other pages as well.

Locking blocks in the drag and drop editor. This is a great tool for those that may have more than 1 person working on your templates. With locking permission, the primary person will be able to “lock” individual blocks, preventing other people from editing or deleting content blocks. You are also able to give others permission to unlock blocks. Its a great tool for growing companies that are training new employees and for those with delete happy fingers!

Don’t have ClickDimensions?  Check out their Demo Video below:

ClickDimensions Demo Video

Does your organization need assistance implementing ClickDimensions or release updates? If so, we’d love to talk.  Contact us here or call 1-877-373-6697.  As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver level partner enCloud9 is a recognized expert in deploying Marketing Solutions and Customer Service. Located in Omaha, Nebraska and Phoenix, Arizona, we serve clients throughout the United States, Canada and UK.