enCloud9 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Consultants 5 Ways to increase your Klout score Social Media   Everyone wants to have Klout. Some people (and brands) just have a little bit more. Do you know what your Klout is?

What is Klout?

Since 2008 Klout has used its proprietary ranking system to measure the influence of users based on a score of 1 – 100. The higher your score, the more your Klout. President Obama has a score of 99 while Justin Bieber has a score of 92.  The average score is 20, so once you pass that level, consider yourself a person with true Klout!

Steps to take to improve your score.

Klout scores are calculated based on the size of users social network and the content created by users and how much your followers interact with that content. So if you want to up your score, here are a few simple steps.

  1. Link all of your Social media accounts to Klout.  Social media accounts that link to Klout include the usual suspects – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ LinkedIn, Foursquare and Instagram.
  2. Create and share interesting content – Images, Words, Reviews, Music. The more engaging your followers find your content and respond to it, the higher your Klout score will climb.
  3. Be patient.  Your score increases with time and work.  While your score can increase quickly at first, the higher it gets, the slower it grows.
  4. Cross-post your content. Your followers on LinkedIn may be different than your Twitter followers. Tweet about the content of your new and older blog entries.  Mention your Facebook page content on your LinkedIn company page
  5. Engage with influencers with higher scores. When their score increases, so does yours.

Final Words

A final piece of advice.  Don’t take it too seriously! The goals are to gamify your social interactions and encourage engagement.  This just gives you a tangible measurement to base further action on.  It’s a guide…. not a destination.