Selling Dynamics 365 CRM was not something that I started out doing for a career. I started out as an accountant who loved using technology. My first tech job was setting up my accounting firm’s token ring network. Eventually my love for computers led me to a career selling technology solutions, but it wasn’t until I started using Dynamics CRM as part of my sales toolkit that I realized I could really love sales. I recently thought up five reasons why I love selling Dynamics 365 CRM and wanted to share them with you.

A Great Product

Frankly Dynamics 365 CRM  becomes easier and easier to sell as Microsoft has improved it over the years. The core applications – Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service check off so many user needs, but the native integrations with Office 365 Outlook and other tools that they use everyday helps to seal the deal. Microsoft has dedicated significant resources to improving Dynamics 365 CRM and that is a great story to tell any prospective client. The recent LinkedIn purchase is an example of Microsoft using its resources to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM and focus on users needs. The last year has seen such significant changes in Dynamics 365 that I see a very bright future for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Collaborating with new people

Selling Dynamics 365 CRM introduces me to new people who are all working hard to achieve their own goals, whether that is growing a business, deliver great service to their clients or getting home in time to make it to their kids’ soccer game, Seeing a successful CRM project through to completion and following up with our clients always is satisfying as we see how Dynamics 365 CRM improves their lives, through streamlining processes to make routine tasks simpler or through increasing personal income though increasing sales. Through the years I have developed personal relationships with my clients which is very rewarding. Our clients are all over the United States and while we have not met many of them in person we still have close professional relationships and are viewed as a integral partner for growing their business.

Great Partners

Dynamics 365 CRM is a great product, but one of its best features is its extensibility – Are you looking for a tool to send email blasts? Then lets look at ClickDimensions! Need a way to integrate with your phone system? MSCRM-Addons has a solution for you! Looking to integrate with other Line of Businesses applications? Then we would recommend Scribe Online. These and other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build solutions that extend Dynamics 365 CRM to solve customer needs. These relationships help grow enCloud9 and its clients businesses.

Experienced Consultants

The team of Dynamics 365 consultants at enCloud9 has grown steadily over the years – we are still a smaller Microsoft partner, but I like staying small as it lets us to have a closer relationship with our clients. All of our CRM consultants have years of experience helping to implement business solutions and love the challenge of a new project. By working from home offices we are able to be present in our personal lives while providing excellent services and support to our clients.

Problem Solving

Solving customer problems with creative solutions is probably the single most satisfactory part of my job. Dynamics CRM is a great system for managing sales, marketing and customer service, but almost every engagement brings a challenge – Prospects and clients come to us with a problem that they cannot solve, but they hope that Dynamics 365 CRM is a solution. I love seeing the light go off in a client’s eyes as they see that we have come up with a great solution that solves their problems. We have built CRM systems that have nothing to do with the core functions of Dynamics 365 CRM, for example to manage franchisees, assist with managing students and classrooms, and Warehouse management. These are my favorite as they require the most creativity.

So there you have it – five great reasons that I love selling Dynamics 365. If you are interested in a career selling Dynamics 365 or if your firm needs Dynamics 365, give us a call at 402-235-8540 or fill out our webform. We’d love to hear from you!