Good morning and welcome to our Daily Cloud News Roundup. We are already halfway through the work week. It helps when there’s a holiday in there.  For our friends that are located in Nebraska, did you enjoy the start of the Husker football season last weekend?

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Dynamics 365

Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve probably heard and read a lot about Microsoft’s very anticipated Dynamics 365, but what exactly does it mean for your business?  The many benefits, along with a few concerns, are highlighted in this article from the Microsoft Community Blog.

The first new component of the upcoming Dynamics 365 platform that has reached a stage of public preview is the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM).  Is this new data model for the common good or not and how exactly  will this work with CRM and AX?


Office 365

SharePoint Online and Office 365 Groups enhancements for end users are coming soon, Microsoft announced earlier last week. Read to find out more details about this integration and how it will bring “the full power of SharePoint to Office 365 Groups.”

Microsoft acquired Sunrise in Oct. 2015 and quickly announced it’s plans of merging the calandar app’s features into mobile versions of outlook.  Microsoft announced 3 months ago that it was shutting down Sunrise, in order to integrate its features.  Even though this may be sad news for lovers of the app,  it may provide partners with an opportunity to bring more users into Office 365 and, more specifically, the Outlook mobile email application.

Microsoft continues to make enhancements and updates to it’s Office 365 suite.  This article highlights the Office 365 improvements for August.

There are so many reasons why the recent purchase of Genee by Microsoft was a good move.  One main reason is that a better and smarter Cortana is a result.


Dynamics CRM 

Read the following article that gives 5 easy steps to follow when dealing with risky situations in field service in Dynamics CRM.

CRM can be very user-friendly when it comes to adding fields. Read this article about CRM 2016’s nice auto complete feature.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM you cannot delete user records, the mantra for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is You don’t delete records, you disable them.  Read all about how to reassign all records of a user.


Other Cool Stuff

What is your favorite kind of salami?  Is it Sopressata, Genoa, hard salami, winter salami, or the ever popular pepperoni?  I bet you didn’t know that today is National Salami Day!  Check out this website where you can find out the history and some facts about salami, order your own commemorative National Salami Day T-shirt, or watch a video about Ben, who is obsessed with salami and just can’t get enough of it! Make sure to go out and have some delicious salami on a sandwich or a pizza or stop by your local grocery store!

Many businesses these days are migrating their database to the cloud.  Read here about the many benefits of moving to the cloud and why you should do it today!

Who doesn’t want to make their website ranking higher.  Although SEO optimization and keyword optimization is of vital importance, this article highlights 5 easy steps you can follow to drive traffic to your webpage.