Good morning and welcome to our Cloud News Roundup. We have found some of the most relevant cloud news articles for you to read.   We hope that you find these articles interesting.

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Office 365

Office 365’s new small business app, Bookings, makes scheduling and confirming appointments a breeze, so you can focus on other important things like growing your business. If you are like most business owners, you have an endless list of tasks to complete and this would make your life so much easier! Watch this short video to learn more about this ultra helpful app!

Microsoft announced earlier this month the launch of the new OneNote Staff Notebook API for Office 365.  It is now possible to automate the creation and updates of OneNote Staff notebooks across a school or district.  This allows for huge time savings and efficiency among teachers and IT staff.  Once again, hats off to Microsoft for making out lives easier!

Microsoft announced yesterday their partnership with Lenovo.  Three of Microsoft’s top apps will be preloaded on Lenovo smartphones, although Lenovo hasn’t announced which of their smartphones will be the lucky one to have these.

Dynamics CRM

You can now backup and restore CRM online at will now.  Many CRM users were overjoyed to learn of the availability of these options in the CRM online admin center.  To read more about this, visit

Having the correct label width is an important part of adding new custom fields in Dynamics CRM.  You just need to understand a few simple steps. This article discusses  a method on how to increase label width in Dynamics CRM.

The single most important item to any business is its customer and CRM is all about building and maintaining customer relationships.  How much are you willing to invest to keep happy customers?  Read these three essential components to a successful CRM implementation.  If you follow these, you will increase the likelihood of having repeat customers and happy customers that refer you to others.

Other Cool Stuff

Who doesn’t love “milk’s favorite cookie?” There’s a reason the Oreo has become the US top selling cookie since 1912.  Check out this list of some of best and not so best flavors.  Sometimes, you just can’t mess with the original…..or can you?  You be the judge!  #oreo #milksfavoritecookie

Coffee is an essential part of most many people’s routines.  Some people can’t function well or communicate effectively with people until they’ve had that 1st cup.  Just think about how much the “perfect” cup of coffee could change your day, boost your productivity, change your outlook on things, etc…  Read this article from the Crate and Barrell blog and learn how to master the “pour over” method from @modestmarce

Did you know that there are free games for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One released every month?  If you have the annual Xbox Live Gold subscription, you are eligible for the free games every month.  (Chances are your kids already know this)!  Check out this article from @businessinsider, where Tim Mulkerrin lists the free games available for September.