Good morning and welcome to our Cloud News Roundup. Our staff curated these articles based on the most important recent headlines about Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM Online. We hope that you find these articles interesting

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Dynamics 365

While there are many benefits to Microsoft’s upcoming Dynamics 365 cloud software it could come at a considerable cost, with strong incentives to sign up for bundle pricing. Different versions and modules will be available….and the good thing is you pay for what you need!  While Microsoft has stated that it is not releasing specific information regarding pricing and liscensing, this article from ComputerWorld will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Dynamics 365: What we know and what we don’t know.  Will Dynamics 365 be Satya Nadella’s dream come true and all that we want it to be?  We won’t know the answers to all those questions until it debuts at Summit on Oct 11-14.  Read this article from ERP Cloud Blog.



Office 365

Introducing Outlook’s new and improved calendar on iOS and Android: take a closer look at the “Interesting Calendar” feature, as well as the ability to add personality to your agenda through icons. Read about it on the Office blog.

Microsoft Office or Google Docs?  Read this article from C Net to find out the Five Reasons Microsoft Office is better than Google Docs.

Microsoft is changing how external sharing invitations are sent.  We began seeing this change at the beginning of September and rollout completion is expected by the end of the month.  Read more to learn about this change.


Calculated Fields and Parent Entities: easier than you think.  Read this article from the Microsoft Dynamics blog, in which Mark Christie addresses just how easy it is!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides 54 out of the box reports, many of which fulfill our business requirements but some time we need to write custom reports or need to modify existing reports. In this article from Himbap they will highlight the different reporting development options for Dynamics CRM.

Read to find out about one of the many fantastic features available to users (and most often used) in Microsoft Dynamics CRM….hint- it has something to do with personal views.  Check out this link to read all about it!

Other Cool Stuff

Microsoft’s public “win” against Saleforce earlier this week….Microsoft won a 6 year contract to provide Dynamics CRM to HP.  Read the full article at Geekwire.

Fall…the season of pumpkin spice everything!  For many people, Fall can’t get here soon enough because they’ve been anxiously awaiting this.  Last Tuesday, marked the official return of pumpkin spice to StarbucksRead all about the new pumpkin items at Starbucks at the Food Network blog.

Cloud computing is all about centralization, the ability to push workloads that run on expensive on-premises systems to cheaper systems on public clouds. Read all about centralization and the cloud and how it can save you money at Infoworld.  Who doesn’t like to save money?